Regardless of whether you are a socks manufacturer, wholesaler, online shop, nursing service, pharmacy, health care supply store or another company, we are there for you.

Personal contact and comprehensive service are of crucial importance to us. Our basic principles in service include the focus on our customers as well as reliability regarding the quality and our time management. Socksjet is a medical product that is simple to explain. The same applies to the application, which becomes easy after a few attempts. We welcome your inquiries, suggestions and general feedback.


Our Customers

Stocking manufacturers

How about, in addition to the medical stockings, you would present your customers an aid that makes it much easier to put them on and take them off? A donning and doffing aid can expand your product portfolio and increase your sales. Studies show that particularly elderly people with movement problems do not wear their medical stockings due to the high physical stress during their application. A simple everyday help can make your product appear considerably more attractive.

Wholesalers & Online Shops

Of course, there are numerous alternative donning aids on the market. But are they all also meant for the donning and doffing? Do they offer the possibility of a passive application by auxiliary staff? In contrast to comparable products, do these allow optimal foot guidance? A further positive aspect is the modern and easy to clean design. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products.

Health care supply stores / Pharmacies / Nursing services / Orthopedic institution

Consulting is everything! Your clients and patients need to see and feel what is possible. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you try the Socksjet with the customer and introduce him as soon as it comes to the subject of medical stockings. With a little practice and only a few instructions, you as well as your customer will quickly realize how easy the donning and doffing can be. We would be glad to give you more information and share our experiences with you.