About us


We introduce ourselves

AKO-med is a small and innovative German company located in Sprockhövel. The name is made up of the two managers and developers Frank Arenhövel (pictured on the left), orthopedic shoe technician, and Uwe Koetter (pictured on the right), mechanical engineer.

They set themselves the task to develop a practical donning and doffing aid, which enhances the user’s self-reliance and provides user-friendly comfort. After several design optimizations and independent functional tests, Socks-jet was prepared to meet the high market requirements.

Our mission is still to help people solve their problems with putting on and taking off their medical stockings. Satisfied customers are our first priority. Therefore, we are thankful for any kind of feedback, so we can make a difference for your well-being in the future.

Our Philosophy

Our motivation is to help people making their everyday life more pleasant and comfortable. We developed Socks-jet to allow the patients being more independent and to ease the daily work of the auxiliary staff.

Due to the simplicity of the application not only time is being saved, but also the donning comfort increases. This has a positive effect on the quality of life of the patient as well as the caregiver.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to have an uncomplicated and carefree life. Openness, honesty and a responsible interaction with our customers and partners are only some of the values AKO-med represents. The demographic change will lead to an aging society. Therefore, rising disease rates and an increasing necessity of care will characterize the health care system. Our Socks-jet shall make a contribution to being prepared for this change and to help our customers so they enjoy to put on and take off their stockings again.