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doffing aid for medical stockings
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Putting on medical stockings

Every day many people are facing the task of putting on their medical stockings to support the blood circulation in their legs and feet. Compression stockings as well as surgical stockings help to treat venous diseases, thrombosis, edema and varicose veins, but often cause physical stress when putting them on and taking them off. These complications often occur among elderly or immobile patients and may lead to problems. The regular wear of the socks gets neglected and has a negative effect on the therapy plan.

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Our donning aid for medical stockings

Socks-jet is an innovative donning and doffing aid for medical stockings. It helps the patients to be more independent and makes their daily routine an easy one. Designed and developed in Germany, Socks-jet consist of a strong but still elastic synthetic material and is available in two designs.

The ergonomic shape and the specifically integrated hand grip guarantee a convenient and easy applying as well as removal process. Especially the hand grip offers a simple use for nursing staff and helps to save a considerable amount of time. Our goal is to provide a valuable product for everyday life that motivates the patient to wear its medical stockings regularly. Customers benefit from the simplicity and the achieved independence raises their health-related quality of life.

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Socks-jet 1010

Donning aid

  • User-friendly application with minimal physical strain
  • Allows to apply stockings while sitting, standing and even lying
  • Slip resistant floor fixation through securing rubber
  • Hand grip enables passive treatment by nursing staff
  • Suitable for all compression classes, elastic stockings and pantyhose
  • Lightweight and easy to clean model suitable for travel

Socks-jet 1011

Donning & doffing aid

  • Grab handles optimize the donning and doffing of compression stockings
  • Clamping jaws allow independent doffing
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Smooth surface encourages material-friendly application