User Manual


This user manual is also available for download as a PDF-file.

I. Preparation


Step 1


Place the Socks-jet on a flat, dry surface. The hand grip points towards you and the open tube side to the front. Wear rubber gloves to protect your stockings.


Step 2


Pull the stocking over the tube body and make sure that the stocking tip is facing forward.


Step 3


Strip the stocking over the Socks-jet until the heel knit appears at the top of the tube body.

II. Donning


Step 1


Place the Socks-jet in front of you on the floor and stabilize your position or sit down. Slide your forefoot into the open stocking.


Step 2


Slide down your foot until your heel is correctly positioned in the stocking. Now pull the stocking upwards to get out of the tube body. Please check the comfort of your toes and heel again.


Step 3


Lift your stockings to their final position and smooth them with your hands towards your knee or thigh. Look for a wrinkle-free fit.

III. Doffing


Step 1


Place your foot in the Socks-jet and sit down. Slide the stocking over the tube body from above and strip it as far as possible, past the clamping jaws, downwards.


Step 2


Use the hand grips and press them inwards, so that the clamping jaws push against the tube body.


Step 3


Tilt the Socks-jet and push it with your arms straight forward. Now slowly pull your foot out of the fixed stocking.

IV. Passive use


With Assistance


Use the integrated hand grip for a simple application by nursing and support staff.